Thursday, June 14, 2007

Here's a quiz that didn't insult me:

You Are a Classic New York Cheesecake

Simple and sweet, you are a smooth operator.
You can get along with anyone ... though after a bit of time, you're too much to handle!

Mmmm...cheesecake. When I was in high school my mother went through the Cheesecake Obsession. She baked them over and over, trying to make the perfect cheesecake. Sometimes her mental issues were productive, and this one was tasty. Far better than the collecting of toilet paper, or the very bad time during junior high when she thought the TV people were sending her messages only she could understand. No, I'm not making that one up. But the Cheesecake Crazy- that was fun. And I weighed a big 115 pounds at the time, too, so I could eat cheesecake without a second thought.

I haven't had cheesecake in at least a year. I need cheesecake.


vi said...

you and me both need cheesecake
but you can afford it
me....... well just spackle it on my assets cause it's aimed there anyway

so you get mr carlin outta your head yet?
we named the lamb badger....
after the animal........AND cause he badgers the crap outta me


Catherine said...

Vi, trust me, 4x a week at the gym is just holding my assets in place, I can't afford cheesecake either. Every month I discover a new food I used to love that now does something icky to me.

I am fine with Mr. Carlin living in my head. Whenever I think of moving to a small apartment, I recite his old bit about a home being "a place for your stuff." "You get a bigger place - you get MORE STUFF!" As I am on an anti-stuff rampage this year and disgusted that I am working to pay the mortgage on a storage facility for Stuff, the wisdom of that observation really rings true.