Saturday, June 30, 2007

As Birthday Week draws to a close

I plan to spend this weekend in true Sweet Potato Queen style, Not Doing Jack Shit. I spent the last 4 weekends painting, and still need to do the doorframes and the french doors (arrgh) but right now they are white (vs. Fresh Linen) and they look just fine. Trim-painting will keep until I tackle the bathrooms with the Fresh Linen, because the bathroom color is the trim color in the bedroom, and vice versa. But I am not launching that project for a while. This weekend, I am not painting anything, except perhaps my toenails, and maybe my legs with some self-tanner. Because my legs look kinda like raw chicken, because I am never outdoors during daylight lately, and I might actually want to wear a skirt to work one of these days and I don't want to be forced to wear hose to avoid blinding my co-workers with my Legs of the Undead. Oh, and I'll go to Target, because I may have a nail polish emergency. I haven't put polish on a nail since I can't remember when, and I suspect the bottles I have are solidified.

After my Boychild wakes up (both my children work nights so I never communicate with them before noon) I will call him and ask if I'm ordering the right new cellphone - I want the same one he has, because it is tres cool, and I think I have identified the right model but I want to confirm before placing the order with Amazon. Because somewhere along the way, a role reversal has begun, and I consult my kids about decisions and get good advice. Grownup kids are so great.

I'm also going to drag out my camera and charge the battery, because I have been too busy to take pictures. I'm also going to go to the gym, because going to the gym is not work for me and falls into the category of a pleasant self indulgence, and therefore qualifies as Not Doing Jack Shit. And I'm going to knit, and maybe even finish the Prairie Lace Shawl this weekend. Then I need to contemplate the next big knitting project, so I'll spend some time communing with the stash and the patterns, and probably finish the bottle of really good wine my darlin' boss R gave me for my birthday. And if I get the urge to do something Practical and Serious, I will stop myself, because this is the weekend of Not Doing Jack Shit.


Sue Woo said...

Happy Birthday. Lolling about is fantastic. I had the pleasure of meeting Jill Conner Browne, and she called me hunny. Have fun.

vi said...

hihi catherine......
happy happy birthday
i am thrilled to be able to say that to you dear

now..... can I interest you in bottle feeding a tiny BFL lamb named badger who thinks he is a cat?????
and likes to chew newspaper?


dragon knitter said...

happy birthday! wish i could be sweet potato queenish and nNot Doing Jack Shit. i need to check those books out of the library again.

thanks for the reminder!

geogrrl said...

Funny, I've just bought nail polish--I haven't painted my nails in years but suddenly had the urge to do it.

Next thing you know I'll be wearing makeup again.

I've also taken up sewing again in the last week, after not doing it for some years.

geogrrl said...

Oh, and Happy Birthday!

Bess said...

Oooo. I let SomebodyElse paint my toenails on friday. woo woo that is such a luxury.

Happy lollingweekend - may your movies all be great and your Object become Finished.

OH - I bought that vase already, too. :D

poormary said...

Happy Birthday.


Catherine said...

Vi, bottle feeding a lamb sounds like heaven!! I'll even take the middle of the night feeding. I'm glad to have had a birthday too. My hair is growing back, I went to the gym today, had lunch with a friend, it was all so normal. I'm glad I'm still here to have a birthday, and life is normal.