Sunday, July 1, 2007

Crocheted Squares

Barnes and Noble gave me a 15% off coupon, and I decided to buy Crochet Blocks, by Jan Eaton. I've thumbed through it a few times and each time put it back because the time wasn't right, or there were other things I wanted more. But this is a fine reference book, a dictionary of squares. I saw several I would like to use. I think this is going to be an afghan year, as Girl will be moving to a new place in a chilly climate first, and I will be following (God willing and interest rates don't rise) shortly after.

Yarnstorm inspired me with these lovely squares. She made up this pattern herself, and looking at the square I can see how she did it. I love it. I don't think I'm going to copy hers for my afghan, I think I'm going to go with a combination of a semi-solid granny and a flower square from Eaton's book. I do not know what yarn I will use. The stash has nothing appropriate, so this will have to wait. I may not make a full 12 months without yarn, it's quite possible that come Sept.-Oct. I will have depleted the surviving stash and be ready for another large, flat, yet portable project. But, as that is off in the "still have to identify the yarn" zone, I am not thinking about it much.

I am addressing the nightstand situation. The old nightstands, they are leaving one at a time. They will be replaced with those incredibly cheap round tables that are covered with a 70" tablecloth. I already have the tables, and the glass to go on top, they've been sitting in pieces on a garage shelf for a decade. A little cleaning, they are good to go. They are the perfect Temp Table, until I have new room dimensions and can see what will work. For the cover, I bought two basic white tablecloths, and then started thinking about something more stylish to drape over the boring white. And I went into the stash and found a humongous cone of sport weight (looks thinner than sport to me) Softball Cotton. And today I started a basic big granny square, which, when done in fine cotton in cream, looks not at all like a granny square, it's just a simple geometric shape. I may leave them cream, because I love the look of cream over white, or I may dye them a pretty green. The jury is still out. So I replaced two nightstands for about $22 - the cost of two basic round white tablecloths. And I "bought" a free phone. I was feeling so damn thrifty, I bought myself a ring I really wanted.

Today's horoscope: "You scoff at the idea of playing hard to get. Isn't that the oldest game in the book? Yes, because it works! If it helps, think of it as paying attention to the life that you have instead of acting unavailable."

Had lunch with L today, and she has a fabulous new man in her life and he has two wonderful, adorable, single friends, who complain about the selfish and money-hungry women they keep meeting, and she wants me to meet them. And I will, and it will be fun, but I am so focused on "the life I have," I am not hunting for a man. If a keeper drops into my lap I won't throw him back, but I've always hated fishing, it's so boring.

July Horoscope. Sounds pretty good.


Bess said...

Oh my gal. Furniture stash as well as yarn stash! Congratulations. As for the keepers - well - here's hoping if you find one he migrates north.

sallyjo said...

No knitting, no pictures of dogs, and still I keep coming back.
You sound pretty darn good lately. Congratulations!