Monday, June 4, 2007

Too busy to breathe.

I forgot my phone at the office, stopped at Home Depot for more paint brushes, hit Publix, and got home frazzled. My house is a wreck and the bedroom still isn't finished. Work is crazy-making but, I suppose, in a good way. The difference in the atmosphere since the departure of the Toxic Cupcakes and the other personnel changes cannot be believed. It's like the air is lighter, less charged with negativity, though the work load is as bad as, if not worse than, it ever was. I told R that I intend to leave at 5 every day unless it is a bona fide emergency, because though I am on no medication I did get a "prescription" to exercise and reduce stress and dammit, I'm going to the gym at least 3 evenings a week. But there aren't enough hours in the day right now.

I talked to one of my favorite outside lawyers the other day - this kid is two years older than my son and I feel so Mrs. Robinson because I could easily develop a crush on him. He'd heard about my brain thang from his dad, (I already have a crush on his dad), and he asked if the doctors prescribed spa visits and massages to relieve my stress. I said no, the SOBs told me to go to the gym! He got it immediately, "Great, like you weren't overscheduled already!" Exactly.

This Dilbert strip made me laugh out loud. You can buy them in the Dilbert Store, I really, really think I need this on my office coffee mug, in which I drink green tea because I'm so damn healthy.

You may have noticed that I've pretty much given up blogging about politics. This doesn't mean I've given up caring about it, reading about it or acting on my beliefs, but there are others who do it so much better than I can, and put so much more time and thought into it, I don't have much to add beyond, "What s/he said." And I've sworn off the political threads on KR, because while the discussions could be interesting and thought-provoking, other times they were just plain provoking. And a few comments in recent weeks finally made me realize that the right-wing mind is as small and hardened and able to process information as a pile of goat droppings baked in the sun. They can't tell fact from opinion, and no amount of logic, fact or reason will penetrate their single-minded obsessions with abortion, gay people, guns, and Clinton getting a blowjob. There is just no point in engaging them in conversation, because when someone asked a discussion question like "What qualities do you want in our next president?" the first "important quality" to come to one of their minds was Clinton's blowjob. Their ideal president will not have sex in the Oval Office! Well, there you have it. Who cares what else he does as long as he's not offending their frigid little minds with a blow job? That comment was my tipping point, my last straw, because what is the point of expending any energy on responding to people like that? NOT a single toxic issue from this horrific administration penetrates their fearful and negative little minds, so poisoned by Faux News and their peers, and they still Support Their President.

Clinton fibbing when caught with a bimbo is worse than lying us into a disastrous war. Worse than the aftermath of Katrina. Worse than the shredding of the Constitution by their hero, Decider Boy. There is no point in engaging in discussion with anyone who still supports this administration. They still don't Get It - they haven't figured out by now that they were used like toilet paper by the Bushies, and if they don't have an inkling of that YET, the finer points of the AG scandal are way beyond them. The last of the Bushbots truly are the dregs of this country, and instead of trying to stimulate thought in their Faux News addled little brains, we need to focus on the positive, and find and support candidates who can fix the mess we're in and restore our values as a country. Not that this will be easy or can be accomplished in even one administration, so deep is the shit we're in, but engaging the last dregs of the Bushbots isn't the answer to anything, and raises one's blood pressure. It's time to treat 'em like the trolls they are and ignore them. So that's what I'm going to do, so help me God. I have so many positive ways to spend my time.


Ginnie said...

That was a pretty political non-political post. But I agree completely. They have no problems with violence and lying and all around shystering, but Oh! God! not sex!!!

Catherine said...

I didn't say I wasn't going to be political anymore, I said I wasn't going to waste time talking to people who cannot Get It, like those dizzy Bushbot Bitches on KR. I'm as political as I ever was, I am just not going to waste my energy on hopeless causes. ;-)

And really, I don't have the time to write anything intelligent about these issues. I'll settle for linking now and then.

Jane said...

Heh. When I saw that "What qualities..." thread a couple of weeks ago, I didn't even open it. I knew what would happen, and now you've confirmed it.

It's just as important to think about these things as it is to act or speak on them. Witnesses are good things.

Cursing Mama said...

Did you see the I-Rack video from MADD on youtube?

It is worth your time - and there is hope because I received the link from a die hard republican who sees the error of his ways. (now if we can just put a candidate forward that can win!!!)

sallyjo said...

I'm glad I avoided the "qualities" thread too.
I only talk about politics on mine if it's something that really, truly must be shouted. Otherwise, I know I'm so burnt out that everybody else must be.

Catherine said...

I don't think I'm burned out, but I don't want to waste my time on idiots. I had one of those moments when I realized that I was spending hours a week reading the natterings of women I'd avoid IRL. And I love Clara to death and was getting dangerously close to shrieking STFU FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! at a certain Canadian who knows all about every damn subject, and that was my signal to pull back before I started a food fight in Clara's living room. :-)