Sunday, June 3, 2007

It's June and time for the June Prognostications.

Susan Miller's June Horoscope.

Astrologer Phyllis doesn't have a page that links to an individual sign, so follow the link for all the horoscopes. Excerpts from mine below.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)
Forget being the bashful, retreating Cancer this month: Instead you’ll be the Confident Assertive One breaking out of your shell and showing all the world what great ideas and powers you’ve been developing.

Me, bashful? Retreating? Okay, so that's not quite me, but I still liked the rest of it:

Much of your moxie is ignited by a powerful energy known as a Grand Fire Trine happening through June 13th. It’s igniting a wonderful confidence in you to try new things and approaches – especially in your work, worldly reputation, finances, and even your health. If you want to do something? Great! You’ll have the guts, solid foundation, and inspiration to pursue it.

...Life is still demanding you to stretch and to express in ways that are unfamiliar – even sometimes a little daunting – for you. But you’re growing by leaps and bounds and that’s good. Keep it up.

All good stuff, and so far, so good this month.

Painting is going sooo slowly. Yesterday it was so dark I couldn't see to paint, so I did other things, including cleaning, groceries, laundry, the gym and a wine tasting at the neighbors'. Today I painted, and my hours of work resulted in remarkably little progress. I did conclude that I have gotta gotta replace the bedroom carpet. I took down the curtains and the bright light of day revealed just how hideously ruined the carpet really is. It's beyond a good cleaning. It's beyond hope. It's is beyond a "maybe" and now a "must" on the fix-up list.


sallyjo said...

I was going to say, "bashful?"
I've got the great trine thing going on too. It is kind of groovy right now.

Catherine said...

I have Mars in Aries in my first house, so I'm not your stereotypical soft gooey Cancerian. I can't remember the specifics of my daughter's chart, but she isn't either. But otherwise, the news is good for this month, let's hope it all pans out.