Saturday, June 2, 2007

Tropical Storm Barry

is raining on my house even as we speak, though it's still out in the Gulf. Yay for rain - this will help put a dent in the scary drought. But, damn, another named storm already, and yesterday was just the first day of hurricane season? Barry appears to be the perfect guest, bringing much needed rain and not a lot of damaging wind, but it surprised a lot of forecasters by continuing to develop after entering the Gulf, where it was expected (as of yesterday a.m.) that wind shear would pull it apart. Didn't happen, and now it's at 50 mph. But hooray for the rain! And hooray for the visible reminder that we need to be prepared for storms. Last year was freakishly quiet thanks to the El Nino effect, but there's nothing to stop 'em this year. Barry is a nice, fairly gentle TS, and God, how we need this rain. It has been many months since we've had a rainy day. Passing showers, maybe once a month we get a decent sprinkle, but our lakes are dry and we are on watering restrictions. This, of course, started right after I spent a boatload of money getting my yard re-landscaped, and now I'll have to replace the things that died because they weren't well established before the extreme heat and drought hit last year.

The dogs are baffled by this water falling from the sky, it took some coaxing to get them out the door to take care of business this morning. I'd open the door, they'd look out at the rain and look up at me: "Make it stop."
"I can't make it stop, you have to go."
"No, thank you, I can hold it."
"You better hold it, no peepee on my floor!"
Dog walks away into the living room.

Finally, Dudley couldn't stand it anymore, took a deep breath and charged out into the rain, disappeared into the dark for two minutes and came back soaking wet and very proud of himself for being such a little man and facing the scary water falling from the sky. And ran to my bed to dry off. Heavy Sigh.

Murphy said no thanks, he can use the cat flap and the garage floor in a pinch and he's NOT going out there.

It dawned on me that Dudley is two, and we've been in a drought basically since he's been born. He hates thunderstorms and isn't crazy about loud, heavy rain, so this summer may be his introduction to Weather.


Bess said...

Oh law - I hope that rain heads our way. We are so dry, my yard looks like August already. Ugh.

Chanting the No Wind Damage chant, though.

Catherine said...

It looks like it might, Bess, if it doesn't piddle out before it gets that far north. It looks like it should be just a nice rainy day by the time it crosses Florida. Yay for rain!

Sue Woo said...

Yay, it's raining nice and steady here too. It's making everything smell good. My garden is looking better already.

Debi said...

Since h*rricanes form to dissipate heat, as far as I'm concerned it can rain from now until Dec. 1 if it keeps those nasties away!! Barry got pretty gusty down here, I'll tell ya but thank god for the rain! Lake Okeechobee was at it's lowest level EVER this week! And the water dept has the pressure set so low I can barley flush my 5th floor toilet...ah, Floida in summer, happy, happy, joy, joy!

Bess said...

It's here! It's here! It's Here!

At least, a drizzle of it is here and at this point that's enough to make me do the happy dance. I've never seen a corn crop so bad - in 32 years this is the worst I've ever seen. the stuff is yellow and 4 inches high and it was planted before April 12!!

My scaredy cat dogs are still under the shed but the bolder ones braved the drizzle to walk across the yard and come inside.

Nothing like a rainy sunday for knitting in front of the telly.

Amie said...

God help poor Dudley when he experiences Northern Weather! Don't ever take him to Maine!

Catherine said...

I'm pretty sure he'll get desensitized to our normal afternoon thunderstorms that scare the hell out of tourists (assuming we get rain again) this summer, so he'll adjust to that sissy mid-Atlantic weather easily. We had weather when he was a puppy and the rainstorms terrified him, but we've been in a drought ever since. And I suspect he'll love snow. He'll need a wardrobe of sweaters, of course....