Tuesday, June 12, 2007

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Sweet Puppy Face Tuesday. Girlchild is craving a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, a "little sister" to Dudley. It'll have to keep until she finishes grad school and is working a normal job with less insane hours, which won't be for a few years. By then Dudley will be a settled, mature dog and a puppy would give him a shot of youth again, like Dudley did for Murphy. Me, I think after I'm moved and settled in, a Boston puppy may be in the cards.

Yesterday my daughter's high school friend M brought her new Boxer-Lab mix puppy to play with the boys, and a good time was had by all. I was at the office so I had to hear about the fun secondhand- she'll have to bring her over on Sunday when I'm here one of these days. M is back from the Pacific Northwest - I didn't hear what brought her back to FL, but I did hear that she's already regretting it, because the jobs don't pay half of what she was earning there. It's so funny to think of my daughter and her friends as young women, I know they are, obviously, but thinking of them as peers, bitching about the job market, strikes me as funny and makes me feel old at the same time.


Ginnie said...

Cav. King Charles' are my dog crush. I have big dogs, but always say that in 10 years or so, when I decide I need to get a new dog, that is what I will get. Mine are 11 and so their time is getting somewhat close.

ANd, as someone in the Pac Northwest, pay may be decent in professional land, but the cost of living is prohibitive. Not as bad as California, but the average home price is $350K and not going down. It would be lovely to find a place with decent wages and decent cost of living.

Catherine said...

The average home price here is officially around $250k, but that average includes a lot of scuzzy meth lab intensive neighborhoods. A NICE house, even a small one like mine, in a good school district, is upward of $275-$350k. A nice apartment where you aren't likely to get shot in the parking lot goes for around $900. Our salaries are disproportionately low, and the vast majority of young people can't afford a house, they scrape by to pay the rent, or have two or three roommates. My daughter will get an instant raise when she moves to Baltimore, and pay no more in rent than she would here.

Ginnie said...

I saw an article in the last year in MOney or SmartMoney magazine that listed different areas and rated them based on the cost and living and average wages. It was very interesting. It always amazed me when employers expect to get decent talent for under $10 and hour. That is very common here. But I made more when I lived in Georgia 20 years ago, than I make now, and it sucks. Part of my issue is I have no degree or tangible skill to offer. Retail and restaurant, with other odds and ends thrown in. I also considered the Carolinas for their diversity, cost of living and housing affordability, but ultimately rejected it because my mom is still alive and here.

Congrats on the promotion.