Thursday, July 26, 2007


Holy Crap! Crazy Aunt Purl is in the freaking New York Times, interviewed re the Bangs Question.

I am 49, and I currently have bangs. And I like them. I like them because they are flattering on me, and I will probably have them forever, because they hide the dents and bumps on the left side of my forehead that are reminders that Dr. SL actually cut a hole in my skull to fix the plumbing in there. I was washing my face last week and the overly bright overhead lights on my bathroom vanity highlighted these lumps on my forehead that were never there before, and I realized that I was looking at the screws that put my skull back together. There are two on my forehead, and I'm sure more under my hairline. There's also a dent at the left temple that wasn't there before. None of it is really bad, I'm not particularly self-conscious because it's not really all that noticable, and after a couple of glasses of wine I'll invite anyone to touch the lumps in my forehead - "Screw heads! How cool is that??" Even without the wine, the Hair God had to touch the screw heads during my last haircut. But my bangs are Wispy and Long, and blend into the layered bob that so effectively conceals the growing in stuff. And I'm fine with wearing long, shaggy bangs forevermore. I have had bangs, I have lived through the hell of the growing-in of bangs many times, and the growing-in of the bad, and very short, haircut, more than once. I am finally at home with my hair - a shoulder-ish length layered bob with long, wispy bangs - I may be wearing that in the retirement home. It'd look good in silver, too. It only took 49 years to get here.


Ginnie said...

I am 48 and have always had bangs. I look awful without them. But they are not well behaved bangs, they are sort of all over the place. Oh, well.

Who else but Laurie can make bangs funny?? I predict big things for our Crazy AUnt Purl.

I have screw heads in my ankles that show. Great party tricks, after a few drinks to show people and tell them to touch them. It really creeps some people out.

Amy in StL said...

I've had bangs, I've not had bangs. I've finally realized I can't stand the growing in period and I have oily skin so bangs aren't for me. Although my top layer comes only to my cheekbone, so maybe that's a really long bang?

Wait?!? Is that dirty?

Catherine said...

LOL! A really long bang - hmmm. Actually, to add to the smut, a really long bang is the kind I like best. The Hair God left me a little short this time, it'll look better in two or three weeks. I plan to migrate to a few wisps on the forehead after the rest of the hair grows in, and a cheekbone layer, and longer layers that will end just skimming my shoulders. Because while the screw heads aren't really that visible, it's not Frohnkensteenian or anything, bright overhead light and moisture does create an oddly not smooth forehead. Matte makeup and bangs for day, and letting the chosen touch the screw heads by night - okay, now that IS dirty.