Thursday, July 19, 2007

Best Buy and Bluetooth

I have a cool new Bluetooth capable phone, and I'm in search of a Bluetooth headset that works. I bought a cheapish Motorola model at Best Buy. In a fit of overconfidence, I misplaced/threw out the receipt. And then discovered that the damn thing would hang up unexpectedly in the middle of a call. So I returned it to Best Buy at lunch today, and here comes praise of a big impersonal store - the girl at the customer service desk couldn't have been nicer about it. Turns out she had tried the same model and it hung up on her calls too, while she was talking to a guy who lives two hours away and she was busy doing things and it kept hanging up, OHMGAWD...she was too cute. We commiserated on the shared pain, The Sisterhood of the Shitty Motorola Headset, OHMYGAWD, and she looked up the transaction because I remembered that I'd used my swipe card, and she handed me my forty bucks. I am still in the market for a good Bluetooth headset that will talk to a Samsung Sync without hanging up 3 times in the middle of a call. And I'm glad I didn't despair about my lack of a receipt and flush the damn thing down the toilet, which I was sorely tempted to do.

Dear God, tomorrow is Friday. The weeks are so long at Ye Olde Jobbe.


Jenifer said...

Plantronics is the way to go. I love mine (around $40) and it works beautifully. Both my boyfriend and I have worked with both Motorola (trash) and Plantronics. You'll enjoy it!

Restless Knitter said...

We have the Samsung WEP200 for our phones. We haven't had any problems with them and the sound quality is pretty good. My husband paid $69 for his and when I went 2 weeks later to get one for me, they were down to $49. That was at Fry's, not sure what they run at Best Buy.

Catherine said...

I went with the Plantronics. Haven't tested it yet, I'll report tomorrow.