Friday, July 13, 2007

More re health care

Barbara Ehrenreich's essay on Huffington Post is worth reading, but the comments are even better, many doctors and health care providers weigh in in favor of single payer universal health care. I don't know how many weeks will go by before I will get to see "Sicko" - a few, I'm sure - but I don't need to see it, this has been my pet rant for several years by now.

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Ginnie said...

This makes me wish I could have a direct line to every Democratic candidate and tell them this matters more than anything but Iraq. ANd until someone has balls enough to stand up infront of the nation and say that it matters and must change, and stick by that statement and offer a plan for change, nothing will happen. Because right now, I think a real, tangible plan would hinder their campaign, and they might not win.

They need to be bold and not just say we need a change, but really create a plan and stick with it and have balls enough to defend it.

Jeez, now I am all pissed off.