Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sigh, laugh....

Tom Tomorrow on my pet issue. Right on the money.

This is a topic du jour on KR. No link, because so many of you come from there and the rest can google Knitters Review if you really care. I had to weigh in a time or two, but what really gets me is the overall sense of "It's a big issue, how do we tackle it?" We need a JFK on this issue. JFK motivated the space program to the freaking moon. Why aren't we embarrassed as a nation that we are so far below other industrialized nations when it comes to the health care for our citizens? I am no expert, no policy maker, but I'm thinking that for starters, we could stop pretending that we are all okay and that the "system" we have now is working. We could get our heads out of our red, white and blue asses and realize that every other industrialized nation in the world has figured out how the hell to do this, so it can't be rocket science, no moon landing pun intended. It honestly makes me so sad and depressed for our country, when I hear even liberal-minded people just sighing and shrugging over the health care issue. "Oh, it's a big problem." Yeah, and so, what? We are too dumb, too lazy, too corrupt, too incompetent to take it on? What we really are is too indifferent and too cheap. As long as Joe Flagpinonthelapel can get his Viagra, everything is fine. I don't know who came up with the great aphorism that a brand-new Democratic health care activist is a Republican who lost his insurance, but they have a point.

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