Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Australian speeder ad. Apparently I'd fit in fine Down Under, because I've used that little finger gesture more than a few times as a shorthand for "Methinks he has issues."


Donna said...

You wouldn't believe the drama the ad has already caused, Catherine. It's on high rotation, plays constantly, and most of us think it's hilarious and apt. My 14 year old daughter says that it's already picked up at school, and all the girls are wiggling their little fingers at the boys, who don't appreciate the gesture. (Funnily enough!)
And then there's the people who are irate about it. It's demeaning, it's offensive, you'll upset teenage boys precious psyches. Considering our road death toll, especially in the male 18-25 group, better their pysches than their lives.

Catherine said...

I wish I had our paralegal's home email, I need to remember to send that link to her at the office for Thursday. We just had a few dramatic incidents of road rage around here, and we were just talking about this today. I LOVE those ads, they are totally on the money IMHO, and I agree, better to embarrass them them bury them - or anyone they hit while acting like assholes. Of course, around here the same guys who are compensating by driving like maniacs are also armed. A kid near here made the mistake of challenging a maniac on the interstate just the other day and got shot by the driver. The kid was lucky, he'll be okay, the lunatic got away. It was a reminder that these nuts are compensating with more than fast driving. Even flipping someone The Finger can get you killed.

Catherine said...

the second them above that doesn't make sense is "than" - I said my close-up vision is for shit right now. Anyway, I think that shaming young guys into NOT driving like jerks is a fine idea, and I hope something like it catches on here.

Anonymous said...

And oh dear, you would SO fit in Down Under, take the word of a born and bred Aussie / Kiwi mongrel.

Gae, in Callala Bay