Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wevver Weeport.

I love it when the Weather Bunnies wrinkle their noses and try to wrinkle their Botoxed 32 year old brows, and express concerns about the weather. Florida is under a hideous drought, 18 months and counting, lakes are dry, water restrictions, it's bad. And we had a few days of an alleged tropical low that was going to bring us Much Rain! Big Rain! Oh, Wow, Rain! And at my house the rainfall total was...Not Squat.

So that low went away, and all is now high and dry, and the Bunnies quiver that There Will Be No Wain. And so tonight the sky opened up for at least 40 minutes, a brief power outage, the whole normal evening rainfall experience. Fifteen, Twenty more bad predictions like this and we might not dry up and blow away.

I finished the Prairie Lace Shawl. Photos forthcoming, but I'm busy. It needs blocking. I need a new project drenched in color, because that was a whole lotta taupe.


Cursing Mama said...

I can't imagine weather bunnies - we've got so many real live meteorologists in MN you can hardly turn around without bumping into one.

I think one just walked past my office.....

ikate said...

Catherine - I'm heading to your neck of the woods (i think) in a few weeks and could use some "tourist" advice. If you are game, please e-mail me at kdavis AT mvcds DOT net


Catherine said...

These people profess to be meterologists too, but I think it's just a temp gig until they can find their true passion as game show hosts.

Kate - done.