Monday, August 27, 2007


reminiscient of Andrew Wyeth but with audible farts.

Damn you!

Evil Dog-Eating Chair!!

Don't nobody rite good no more?

I laughed out loud at this story, because in my ample spare time I am going to have to rewrite some presentations written by a Graduate of an Expensive Private College. I read them, R read them, and we shook our heads and agreed that they couldn't leave the building like this. It was a coin toss as to which one of us would do the heavy editing total rewrite, but he pointed out, fairly, that he's not as "wordy" as I am, he could do it and do a fine job, but it would take him longer. I'm experienced at rewriting bad shit from baby lawyers, I can spin cat turds into gold. And that's what's needed here. It's like reading a 10th grade English paper written by one of the guys who just wants to take his shop classes and tackle people and graduate with a Gentleman's C-, but this was written by an upper middle class female who went to a very expensive school. My opinion of that very expensive and highly regarded school has fallen significantly, because if they let this child graduate, they ain't all that.

The herbs arrived, and the cats are in the garage getting blissfully stoned. The yowling started when I brought the box into the house. This is some really good kitty crack.

I have tea and lavender soap. Also really good.

Knitted Kimono did not arrive. I'm hoping for tomorrow.


Cheryl, the Jungian Knitter said...

I want him.

Bliss said...

I love dog pics. Dudley just makes himself at home wherever, and he's so darned cute! Please make the girl child promise to send Dudley pics to update the blog occasionally, okay?

All the dogs in this house let the silent but deadly kind of farts. They either put on an innocent look, or give the nearest humans stink eye as if they were the perpetrators.

I think Murphy will be pining for Dudley. Will you succumb and get him a doggy companion?

blissfulknitter at gmail dot com

Catherine said...

Eventually I'm sure I will, but first I have to be settled somewhere else, somewhere I can afford a condo or a townhouse. (I'm swearing off exterior maintenance.) I'd love a French bulldog.

carlarey said...

I was not prepared to read "reminiscent of Andrew Wyeth but with audible farts".

Cursing Mama said...

So are you yowling over the tea & lavender soap?

Writing & editing well is a lost art having been replaced with computer software to "do the job". Its shameful.

Catherine said...

Carla - I'm sorry, but it's true. It's like he has a kazoo up his ass. He toots and turns around and stares at his own butt, amazed. Wyeth's painting is all serene and cool and silent, but I'm betting that dog was farting.