Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Drive-by Posting

Busy, busy week. I'm going to try to organize my thoughts and take pictures and play catch-up this weekend, but for now I thought I'd share an illustration of my memory issues.

I grew tired of the cheapo round tables and cloths solution to my lack of nightstands - I need a nightstand with a drawer, because I have a cat and a Boston Terrier who steal things from the top of the nightstand. I have the L'Occitane hand cream with toothmarks to prove it. So to the rescue - Thomasville assemble-it-yourself nightstands for the amazing price of $79 apiece. Decent, attractive, non-crap nightstands for less than half the price of any others I've seen. Sold! And I had no functional bedroom lamps, and searched high and low (okay, Target store, Home Depot, mall) for lamps that weren't boring as hell and that put out more than 60 watts of light. came through again. And these items were shipped in two shipments - the nightstands arrived the day before yesterday, and the new, incredibly HOT!!! UPS man brought the lamps last night.

And what did I do? I dragged the boxes into the living room and sat down at my desk and logged onto to see when the nightstands would arrive! The ones that arrived the day before yesterday, that are awaiting assembly this weekend. Yes, I forgot they were here, even though I had thought when I saw the HOT!!! UPS Guy bringing the lamp boxes to the door, "Oh good, I can put the nightstands together and put the lamps up and have light in the bedroom again!" And 30 seconds later I forgot the nightstands were here, even though the boxes were in plain sight. I do this at least a few times a day now.

But I remember my children's childhoods and how to put together furniture and Excel spreadsheets are coming back to me, so I'm not complaining. I think it's hilarious.


Amy in StL said...

That would so suck! It's good you can laugh at it because otherwise it would just get annoying to be that "forgetful". Oh, and I'll have to look online for those nightstands since my boyfriend needs a new nightstand that's tall enough for his bed!

Catherine said...

If I forgot serious, important things it would be awful, but I write those down. I am very into redundant systems now, I have my Franklin planner, various notebooks, and my Outlook calendar and alarm system. So far I have not forgotten anything I really HAD to remember, but random things erase themselves. And it's different from run of the mill forgetting - these things blink out of existence, and even when someone reminds me that I did know it, I can't remember knowing it. But it could be so much worse, I'm not complaining.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, girl,
It doesn't take an SAH for that to happen. Just get on past 50.

But I do appreciate that this is a side effect of your neurological damage. Same thing happens to those who have "chemobrain", which a friend of mine is struggling with. Frankilin Planner to the rescue, or really quick thumbs on a crackberry, with alarm reminders.

Catherine said...

I thought about a crackberry, but I can't see the screen now. I might be able to with these new glasses, but it seems the glasses are going to need another adjustment, so I'm not done having people mess with my vision yet. I may end up with a crackberry yet.

Catherine said...

And yes, it is very much like the descriptions I've read of "chemobrain" - much more frustrating than "forgetfulness."