Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Boots Are Not Made for Walking.

The boots arrived today, and I'm returning them. In the picture they looked knee-high or close to it, and in reality they are that awful tweenie length that only works under slacks, forget a skirt of any length higher than nun's habit. Not what I was looking for, and back they shall go.

In the interest of full disclosure, I did Buy Yarn today - three skeins of red Cascade 220, because the deadline for the Red Scarf Project is not that far off, and I hope to send two scarves. This yarn will be the first, and maybe I'll find time to get to my other LYS (It's so DECADENT to have TWO LYS, one close enough to hit at lunch!) and find some other red for another, because I have nothing appropriate in my stash. The pattern for the Cascade 220 will be my old standby for these scarves, mistake rib. I know people get all fancy and cable and bobble and do these elaborate scarves, but mistake rib has been focus grouped (via my daughter wearing one) with actual live college students, and trust me, this is what they want. She heard a lot of "I love your scarf" and "Would your mom make one for me?" So I'm going with that market study. It's J-Crew-ish, gender neutral, stretchy and versatile. I will stick to mistake rib or something else of similar neutrality and J. Crew-likeness.

One more day of this work week, and tomorrow is payday, the day that I pause to reflect about why I put up with all the shit - oh yeah, the mortgage, food, boots I'm returning, a/c and sprinkler repairs, bargain nightstands, and yarn. That's why.


dragon knitter said...

i'm actually spinning the yarn for my red scarf. they said they wanted to focus on quality this year, so i'm spinning up some superwash, and i was thinking about a reversible cable, but i like your mistake rib idea. it would go faster, too, lol.

Amy in StL said...

I can't believe the boots are knee high. They're great looking by the way!

Catherine said...

I believed the boots were knee high, but they don't even come up over my calf! In fact they hit right at the most annoying spot ever, where they would rub with every step. I have nothing against ankle boots either, but these are some weird mutant half-height that wouldn't work with anything. I may exchange them for the lace-up pair, I have to take another look at them.