Friday, August 17, 2007

Double Vision Friday

Two posts on one day. I love my Franklin planner, and I love to-do lists now. I didn't love them so much before the SAH, but now they compensate nicely for the fuzz and give me a sense of power and control.

The work week was insane, I could share stories that would blow your mind about the rest of my life, but recounting it would not be good for the ol' blood pressure, so I'm going to be all Zen and Let It Go. It really is easier now, off caffeine and into Steven Halpern music. Suffice to say I cannot wait to move, because my homeowners' association is under a new "property manager" (don't get me started on this "profession," I have dealt with them professionally for years) and I cannot wait to sell this house. I do nothing but pour money into this house, I have someone coming next week because I am now using our trades*, something I have always avoided doing, but I'm desperate, and some bimbo property manager chick is sending me letters about the state of my lawn, which costs me well over $200 a month just to keep alive in the drought and extreme heat. It is SO much better than it was 6 months ago, and really doesn't look any different from much of the neighborhood, but bimbo is new to the job, must have flunked nail tech school, so now I get to breathe and be patient and not tell her to kiss my ass. I'll save that for my parting shot.

Breathe, breathe. Ahh, that's better. So, I'm focusing on the same old things, throwing stuff out and giving stuff away, making lists and preparing to strap on the ol' parachute to bail. And simultaneously planning a vacation in Asheville, where I can party on a budget. My employer doesn't pay for unused vacation time, so you can bet your ass I will use ALL of mine before I go.

Asheville itinerary:

Hiking with camera.
Sitting outdoors with a book or knitting.
Visiting Yarn Paradise.
More hiking.
Eating at the Flying Frog Cafe and
Ed Boudreaux

In six weeks I plan to be hiking and taking pictures and reading books and knitting, and sleeping like I was knocked over the head at night. Just a few days, maybe 5, days away, and I'll be recharged to tackle the finishing touches on the house. And yes, I am watching the housing market implode, and I don't expect the house to sell in two weeks even with St. Joseph's able assistance, but I just Want Out.

So, in six weeks I want to be hiking and taking pictures, etc., and I made it to the gym oh, one time this week? My work colleague (I don't hate the people, just Florida) has been on a mission to prepare for her cruise vacation, and she lost weight and is truly obsessed with looking and feeling her best. And that has inspired me (I am just awash in inspiration) to do the same. So, instead of trying to figure out a lifetime plan, I am taking life in six week bites. For the next six weeks I will diet and go to the gym 5x a week, no matter what. Then I'll go on vacation, and I'll deal with the rest when I get back.

*edited to add:

"Trades" are the trade contractors employed by my company, like plumbers, roofers, or in this case irrigation wizards. My irrigation system was screwed up by somebody else, and now I have to beg our favorite guy to save me. I will, of course, pay whatever he charges me (he owns the company, and I am not looking for a freebie here).

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