Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Manure Touch

It's sort of like the Midas Touch, except everything turns to shit. I spent hours roaming the streets in search of things I wanted to purchase and found none of them. I could have stayed in the air conditioning and bought them online. Of course, if I did, it might have turned out like the bargain nightstand:

Can you spot the problem? Yes, the drawer is too low. And this was not assembler error here, the holes for the drawer runners were pre-drilled, I just put it where they said to put it. Now I'll have to take them out and raise them, but that will be tomorrow, because this thing was a bitch to assemble and it's not complete yet. You do not want to know the words I said when I reached this stage, and took the drawer I'd assembled and slid it onto the tracks, and...shit. I had already decided not to put on the door today because I was worn out. Now I'll have to fix their drawer-runner-height-error AND hang the door. I think the other nightstand may wait until next weekend. And why is it that assembling furniture is such SWEATY work?

So, since that was a bad experience, I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Boys Playing Rope:

Dudley usually wins, since he is twice Murphy's size, but Murphy does not give an inch. Now and then he'll annoy Murphy by always winning, and then Murphy will be forced to make Dudley cry, to level the playing field. Then Dudley totally cheats and takes the rope to high ground, because he knows Short Dogs Can't Jump. Game over.


Bess said...

bummer on the bad shopping juju of yesterday. but those dogs - oh - there is nothing quite so qute and funny as dog clowning.

time for some soothing mindless knitting.

Anonymous said...

I am a long time lurker-you are at the top of my reading list.

The drawer face is upside down- you don't need to move the holes, just unscrew the face and turn it the other way,
regards, Barbara

Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm looking at that nightstand and I think I'm not going to touch it today, I have to think about whether I want to return the other one or risk going through this again. I am sure it can be fixed but not easily, since it is almost fully assembled it will be awkward as hell to raise those drawer rails. I'm sorely tempted to visit a couple of furniture stores today and (gasp!) buy furniture that is already assembled. I gave up my Saturday afternoon for that damn thing, and I resent that I have to give it another couple of hours to make it right - if I can! I think I shall knit instead.