Monday, August 13, 2007

I can see! I can see!

And remember that crap about the trauma of wearing glasses again? Forget I said it. I am so happy to have my close-up vision back I can't tell you. The glasses are cute and I don't hate looking at myself in them. I can deal with this.

And because I can see again, I am thinking about other things that I have wanted to do but haven't even dared touch in the last six months, because I could not F-ing SEE. Like sewing. I'm thinking about that drawstring bag in Debbie Bliss Home, and the cute, fun fabric I have in my stash, lots of color, and the red Cotton-ease in the same stash, and how my sewing machine hasn't seen the light of day since I can't remember, and how a bag lining for a fun red bag would be an easy and non-threatening take the machine out of the closet-type project. Because I do want to sew. And I have neither time nor energy for regular classes, so self-taught it must be. I'm not threatened by this, because my formal knitting education consisted of a couple of rainy afternoons when I was in I don't know, 1st, 2nd grade? (Crocheting started when my little eyes focused, I think the Great Aunts had a hook in my hand before I turned 5.) Anyone who can read a book and slow down to follow directions (well-written directions, that is) can figure these things out. Finding well-written instruction is the tricky part, but I have reference materials that don't make my head hurt.

And I want to buy yarn. I want to make the Diagonal Jacket in the same book. But I'm going to hold out another six weeks or so, until Asheville.

But, in the meantime, I'm focusing on slogging through the purple stockinette. And I think I have enough of the gender-neutral Kureyon in the stash for a Red Scarf Project scarf. And if I don't have it, then I will By God Buy Yarn!


geogrrl said...

Pfft. Go for it. I'm completely self-taught, and a better seamstress than many. That may have something to do with my anal-retentive personality, but I digress. If you can manage a straight seam, you can manage most things. There's all kinds of websites up now on sewing techniques as well.

Cursing Mama said...

Be very afraid of sewing directions - they make bad knitting patterns look like a gift from the gods; and I have formal sewing training.

Best sewing advice I received that I pass on to all who venture down her very scary path - find the nicest lady at the fabric shop & make her your friend.

geogrrl said...

That and the Vogue book of Sewing--one of my best friends when I was learning. Buy an old copy somewhere--the knowledge doesn't really change.

I'd agree with Cursing Mama on the directions. There are some patterns where I more or less threw away the directions and constructed the garment as I saw fit.

sallyjo said...

"But, in the meantime, I'm focusing on slogging through the purple stockinette."
Anyway, I'm glad I was born in the days of home ec education. I can run a sewing machine - at least mine from the fifties.