Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One Eye Dr. Down, One to Go.

Today was the Retina Guy. My left eye does have damage from the aneurysm, he saw scar tissue and also what amounts to a film over my retina. He thinks that the bleeding in my brain caused pressure that caused my eye to bleed internally, which may or may not be related to the film on the retina. That does explain the screwed-up vision immediately post-surgery, and the interesting abstract art display I'd see when I closed my eyes. (I thought it was the drugs, or my brain healing, but it could have been the blood interacting with the innards of my eye, triggering displays of red swirls and splotches.)

But, the bottom line:

He: Can you see it? (the faint film on the retina)
Me: Yeah, a little.
He: Does it bother you?
Me: No.
He: No reason to do anything about it then. Your vision is good. We'll just watch it and see if it changes, if it starts to bother you we can operate to get the film off.

Sounds like a plan to me. It's not interfering with my life in any way, no reason to mess with it. It's just another interesting and unique thing.

Next week - Neuro Eye Guy! I expect another "Is it bothering you?" "No." "Okay."



Cursing Mama said...

good news then -
commence knitting & political bitching!

Bess said...

doncha love those "if it ain't broke" guys? But if you see lightening flashes when it isn't raining - call him ASAP. That's a tear sign and you can often fix them in the office if it's caught early enough.

I'm expecting the same answer from my neuroguy next week, oh twin.

Catherine said...

Yeah, I'm glad I don't have to have it fixed, because the odds on the surgery aren't that impressive - might work, might not. If it's not bothering me, why mess with it?

I just checked my calendar - I'm seeing my neuro guy the same day you're seeing yours! Too twinnish!