Saturday, October 6, 2007

Further Proof, If Any More Is Needed

that I am not a Real Knitter(TM): Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mobley will be at Yarn Paradise in Asheville on October 15th. And I will be in Asheville on October 15th. And I have no particular desire to go join the mob scene to see them or get their autographs. I like them both just fine, but not enough to want to go, even though Yarn Paradise is about 5 minutes from my son's house. I will visit YP while I'm in town, because I love that shop, but I think I'll avoid the Fassett-Mobley riot.

And now that I am "in" the Ravelry club, I am not sure how much I'll use it. I spent a little time setting up, adding a project or two, but it looks like it could become a time-eating monster. It DID motivate me to finally set up a Flickr account, which I will get around to adding to my sidebar.


Anne said...

I'm with you - I think it's got some great resources, and it's an awesome idea, but between work, blogging, and actually trying to knit, I just don't have the time to 'do it up' right!

Catherine said...

Yeah, I think "AuntMaisie" will be a lurker in the corner of Ravelry.

ChelleC said...

Well, I've been on I think about a month. It's gradual for me. I have only attempted to load my fairly recent projects. But I can see how it definitely COULD become a big time suck.

However, I treat it like blogging - I do it when I feel like it. I think I will probably continue to enter new projects. It's a good way of keeping track of those. I will also use it as a valuable resource when considering future projects and yarns. The needle and stash inventory etc. wouldn't be much interest to me.