Saturday, October 6, 2007

How did I miss this?

I just discovered, and this story about the photoshopping of Faith Hill, with before-and-after comparison.

I'm so comforted to see that Faith Hill looks like a normal 39 year old mom, she has laugh lines, and just a hint of back fat peeking out of that dress, and she is very, very pretty in a normal, healthy way. Isn't it bizarre that Redbook, a magazine that is aimed at women around Faith Hill's age, chose to turn her into a Cosmo Girl for their cover?


dragon knitter said...

to be quite honest? i think they pulled an america ferrera, and put another body in that dress with faith's altered face. good grief!

Catherine said...

You may be right about that, they did change her body so much there's nothing of HER left, if they didn't just replace the body altogether. Her perfectly normal, fit looking arm is suddenly half its size, etc. The only thing I did think needed to be corrected in the original was her posture, she was hunched forward too much and it made her collarbone look too prominent and her back humped, but that was the photographer's fault, he/she should have seen that and had her straighten up a bit. I saw that America Ferrara cover too, wasn't it Glamour? Somehow I expect that from Glamour and Cosmo, but Redbook?

sallyjo said...

Her right shoulder is still the same.
I'm thinking the photographer had to work to an art director's layout, and sometimes they don't have a good grasp of human anatomy.
What they did to her face is nearly criminal, though.