Monday, October 15, 2007

I bought yarn today.

I bought some spectacular yarn:
Artyarns Regal Silk in colorway 111 This is, I believe, the most expensive yarn I've ever bought, and so, so worth it. It's sooo soft, and has a lovely sheen. I am going to make a lovely scarf for Cousin C. Hey, I think that means I have Christmas knitting to do! I never do Christmas knitting.

I also bought yarn that I think is for the Doctor's Bag in Knit2Together: Manos del Uruguay in colorway 106 Autumn. I say I think it is for that Doctor's Bag, because though I adore the colors I'm not sure that the herringbone stitch will show up very well. But the colors are delicious - and here's the thing about shopping in person vs. online. This is not a colorway I'd have thought of if I saw it on my monitor, but in the store it was fantastic.

I also felt, but did not buy, South West Trading Company Bamboo. It's the yarn used for one of the kimonos I covet in Knit Kimono. Yeah, that is the yarn I want to use. It's so soft, so lustrous, and it would be just right for the kimono.

And here's a teaser photo: After wandering and shopping and walking, I hopped on the Blue Ridge Parkway and took a couple of photos - nothing special, just random things, like this view of the French Broad River. Tomorrow morning I will clean my bug-splattered windshield thoroughly before we depart for a longer drive, to take real pictures.

It's so weird. I'm here a couple of weeks later than I was last year, and this year the trees are only starting to change. But it's still gorgeous. As I was heading back to my campground, I passed a gray haired lady driving a red convertible, cruising with the top down, silver hair flying in the breeze. She had her head tilted slightly to catch the late afternoon sun. It was like one of those investment firm commercials brought to life - she has retired well. Me, I have to go back to work next week, but I can dream.


Bess said...

I am chanting Great Fun Easy Well Paid Job with Defined Benefits Package for C. In Baltimore. so we can go to Stitches together.

And here is something - check out this photo. the lopsided grin. I think that is the only Brain Thang evidence I see.

Catherine said...

Maybe, but you look fabulous, dahlink! Love the hair and the glasses, both are very flattering! I noticed my eye problem while driving in very bright sunlight on Sunday - not that it interferes with my vision, it's barely perceptible, but I was aware of a very slight cloud on the left eye, no doubt from the bright sun interacting with my retina damage. Oh well, just the little things that make us unique. ;-) Hugs!

ChelleC said...

I can just see you making a Doctor's Bag with the Manos del Uruguay in colorway 106 Autumn. That is going to be so lovely! I've been admiring that bag for some time and the yarn would be a classy match for it.