Monday, October 29, 2007

Other things about today.

And yesterday, too. My haircut yesterday was a milestone - we retired the hair flap/comb-over that covered the Swath of Surgery. This cut pulled it together into an actual normal style - a bit shorter and more structured than ideal, but give it three weeks and I'm at ideal. The wildly raggedy side hair that grew in (and hair is funny, you'd think it would all grow in at about the same rate but it totally doesn't, every follicle is on its own timetable, and it grows in looking really mangey). The bangs are almost there, the under-layer is one cut from being part of the bangs team, which is good because that's where the dent in my temple and the screws in my forehead are located and that growing-in patch has an important job to do - to keep my forehead screws and temple dent discreet - not a secret, but not something that is just on display. It's not gross or too obvious unless you know what happened, but one of my co-workers just had to touch the screw heads today and pronounced them "Wild!"

I agree, it is. I do not have the nerve to pierce my bellybutton but now I don't have to, because I have titanium screws in my head! It's like a pierced navel, in that I can share it at will, but I was totally unconscious when it was put in. There isn't enough tequila in the world for me to pierce anything. I have pierced ears and considered a second set of holes, but unless I can get a designated driver, forget it. I was 14 and highly motivated the first time.

My friend L, who has both a pierced navel and tattoos, has sworn she will be my designated driver for a 50th birthday tattoo. I fully expect to chicken out.


Janet said...

Believe me, you can withstand a tattoo after all that. I have three and I am a wuss. Granted, the longest one took only 30 minutes and the others half that. They hurt, but look, you've had kids! :-)

(Actually they don't want you drinking first, since it thins your blood. Some Vicodin or the like would work, though!!)

Bess said...

BD says the fastest growing business of the next 20 years will be taking tatoos off of 45 year old ladies.

funny - I was about to let my subscription of IK drop, mostly because of overwhelm. the sneak peak of the winter 07 issue changed my mind.

Catherine said...

Bess, my daughter and I have the same reservation - we can't stick to a hairstyle for more than a year, how the hell do you pick a design to wear on your body forever? She thinks she'd do a Japanese Koi, in a discreet place not seen in business attire. I think that's absolutely inspired. I have over 7 months to think of something, and even more to work up the nerve, but so far I have no idea what I'd want. As for removing them from 45 year olds, I'm thinking that the "flashing of tatts" in the nursing home will be a most disturbing trend around 2050.

But GETTING one at 50 - that doesn't bother me so much, because we are old enough to think of things like placement: "Will this be seen in a business suit?" "Will I be unable to wear a quasi-sexy cocktail dress to a corporate function without flashing it?" "Do I care?"

Okay, it's only me, but those are my thoughts after I get past what on earth I'd want to live with forever, and the pain thing. And I'm NOT past those two yet, so don't hold your breath waiting for me to get a tattoo. But otherwise, I think it's safer at this age. Things that were going to drop have already done so. But all of those perky little butterflies and stuff on the now 22 y.o. boobs and butts? Those are going to be deeply disturbing in the nursing home someday.

As for IK - I'd let my subscription lapse and figured I'd buy it off the newsstand after thumbing through. But I'm thinking I may have to re-up.

Catherine said...

Janet - no, I was out cold when the screws were installed, and wasn't even aware of them for about a month, until one day I realized that the weird bumps weren't going to go away. I would not have had them installed on purpose. And they don't give you those really Limbaughriffic level drugs to pierce a navel, so no thanks! As for a tattoo - I'm too indecisive. I can't think of anything I'd want as a permanent mark. I have 7 months to come up with something.