Monday, October 29, 2007

So Sorry!

I felt like one of the last people on earth allowed into Ravelry, and didn't think of those who are still on the wait list. The Celtic Tote is in the forthcoming Winter IK: Interweave Knits Winter '07.

The Vintage Bubble Bag, I suggest a Google. Or you can use your very vivid imagination and picture it from this:

I said use your imagination, right? It's a rounded bucket with two handles, not too large, not too small. I'd show a photo of the other one I made but it's on a CD somewhere else.

It's coming along nicely, I'll have finished photos before Friday.

Girlchild has taken a few days off, and I came home from work and opened the front door to the loveliest smell on earth (or at least around this dump) Cleaning Products! Yes, she is cleaning on her days off. Practically perfect in every way, she is. At least at the moment, when I am high on Tilex.

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