Thursday, October 25, 2007

True Story About My Nutty Mother

I know I shared the pre-vacation Drama. So, in the interim she saw a doctor she Likes. This is a big thing, and I don't expect it to last until I finish typing this post, but this isn't about that. The doctor is a pain management doctor, and very good, and put my mother through a thorough exam to correctly identify and treat her leg pain (mentioned in a previous post). So my mother had to have a lengthy MRI, and the pain management clinic has a sound system and gave her headphones while she relaxed in the MRI gizmo, and my mother listened to Old Standards. And afterward asked the technician/PA/I'm not sure and neither is she: "Was that Rod Stewart?" My mother was gleeful about the delighted reaction from her new doctor. Yes, it was Rod Stewart, and the clinic has a couple of his CDs. I can imagine how they chuckled over this tiny 81 year old woman identifying Rod Stewart's voice. Her daughter raised her right. ;-)

Because yes, my 81 year old mother knows Rod Stewart, though she wasn't aware that he had recorded the albums of old standards in recent years, and she's way excited about this. And she's devoted to Keith Olbermann, and when she can stay awake, Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. But I can't even stay awake for that, and God Bless the DV-R.

So I just ordered her all of Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook collection from Amazon. Because though she does drive me batshit crazy with her crazy moments, these good moments deserve reward and encouragement. Yes, Mom, there is a lot of fun out there in this world, and you are not too old to enjoy.

I'll deliver them personally after they arrive, but I won't visit this weekend, because I have a backlog of things to do. I dared to take A Whole Week Off. Still paying off the tab.

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