Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cover me, I'm going to the office.

I started to write this earlier and finally was able to get into my building, so I'll start over.

My office is located maybe 4 miles from my house, in what was always a decently safe area. I know no place is totally safe, stuff happens everywhere, blah-blah, but by this I mean I never really worried about broad daylight armed robbery and cops exchanging gunfire with perps in my little world. Yes, there are "bad parts of town" where this happens at times, but we didn't used to be one of them. Last week we had the shootout between my house and Target, in broad daylight on a busy road I travel daily, that tied up rush hour traffic for hours during the investigation, and this morning I was unable to get to my office for hours because of the euphemistically described "police activity" - another armed robbery, another exchange of gunfire in broad daylight on a busy road I travel daily, and whenever a cop shoots somebody the world has to stop for hours while they investigate and document every gum wrapper for a three block radius.

Sometimes I do wonder if I'm being reckless and crazy when I talk about putting the house on the market during this very bad, crazy time, and I think I should just ride it out until things settle down. But at this point that may not be until sometime in 2009, and I'd rather sell the house now than worry about being unable to find a job that can cover the mortgage if this one goes away (so far no rumblings of that, but my industry is hurting BAD, and you just don't know what the next six months will bring). So though I am a little scared to spend the money in these Uncertain Times, I have to shell out the $ to get the house painted, which will seriously deplete my tiny savings account, already wounded by the months of FMLA. But the house really does need paint before I can put it on the market. The yard, the yard the HOA was on my ass about two months ago, is now lush and green all over and is looking mighty curb-appeal-ly. Additional cleaning and cleanup and throwing outage, fire up the pressure washer on the walkways and driveway and patio, dump fresh mulch, and the last biggies, new master bedroom carpet and paint the bathrooms, and I think we are ready to launch. Not perfect, but certainly damn nice. I was waffling a bit, thinking maybe now is not the time to get out of here and I should bloom where I am planted, etc. etc., but honestly, when the Universe responds with two daylight gunfights between me and my job and me and Target, I have to take this as a nudge that I am not meant to get too comfy here. The gunfire between me and Target, that's a Sign.


Bess said...

La - I read this yesterday when you were still stuck at home but didn't know what to say beyond Oi! Darlin' I am so sorry you are living in a deterioration zone.

At least winter is when snowbirds wish wish wish they had a house near DW ... for the grands, you know ... and winter is just so long up here in PA. I'm chanting a set of grandparents with (one of the last of the) fat pensions your way.

I took a job in downtown DC in 1974 and the first week there was an officer down shootout right on my corner - we watched it all from the 10th floor. It was horrifying and got me scuttling down here even faster than I was already going.

Wishing you a calmer weekend. hugs

Catherine said...

I guess I should clarify, I would gladly live with the occasional "police activity" in a real city - one with good jobs and culture and funky neighborhoods and such. But the only things "big city" about this area are the traffic and the crime - it doesn't have any of the positives to offset the negatives.

ChelleC said...

Oh gosh, yes it sounds like time to move. The universe is sending you a message in gunshots!