Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Adorable image found on this site.

I am thankful for many big things, but mostly I'm thankful to be alive and healthy. I feel very thankful and blessed, though if you hear me bitching on any given day you'd never think so. But even when I'm bitching I'm aware that being here to bitch is wonderful.

Happy Thanksgiving, American readers! May your stuffing be perfectly seasoned, your turkey or tofurkey, as the case may be, be moist and delicious, and the mashed potatoes as creamy or as lumpy as you like them. But if you eat that nasty gelatinous cranberry sauce from a can don't tell me, I don't want to know.


dragon knitter said...

no canned cranberry sauce here! are you kidding, my culinary arts instructors would have my head on a platter!

i made it this afternoon, regular & sugar free for my MIL (she's hypoglycemic)

caroline said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you, C!
I'm so happy you're still around, too. Now you KNOW there's a reason you're here (instead of just wondering...) mwah.

Bess said...

Sigh. I threw in the towel a couple of years ago after the fortylevendyhundedth lecture about serving "real" thanksgiving food. We serve the sculpted wonder. Hey - it saves me the points. :D

Catherine said...

Bess, my father preferred the stuff from the can too, and I do admit as a child I enjoyed pushing the cylinder of red shiny stuff out of the can, so it was part of our tradition too. But then I discovered the Great Mystery of making it fresh: dump a bag of berries in a pot, add water and sugar, and let 'em boil, and could not figure out why anybody buys canned! After my father was diagnosed with diabetes he became an expert at sugar free fresh berry recipes, and we officially abandoned the can.

Janet said...

I'm definitely glad you're still around to bitch, too! :-)

I skip cranberry sauce (can variety) and really am just a turkey/mashies/pie kind of girl. But what I most love is: NO WORK FOR FOUR DAYS!


Catherine said...

AMEN to the no work for 4 days! I may even brave Black Friday tomorrow - I know it's crazy, but I enjoy the madhouse energy. But I have to have a deliberate intent, and right now I don't have one, so I may skip it and run normal boring errands instead.