Thursday, November 22, 2007

Turkey Day Wrap-Up

It was very nice, my mother was in a great mood. At the very last minute as we were walking out the door this morning Girlchild had a weak moment and asked if we could bring the dogs. I wasn’t going to because if they are there it is ALL about the dogs, like having a hyperactive two year old and a persnickety second grader, it becomes all about them, but Dudley was in his crate in the living room looking so sad it melted both of us, and Murphy saw me loading the car and was dancing around being a pain in the ass because he was determined to not be left behind. They wore us down, they blinded us with cuteness.

When I went to the garage and got his carseat (if he can look out the window he doesn't get nauseated and throw up on the upholstery) Murphy got so excited he bolted out the front door without his leash, something he never, ever does. He stood beside the car and waited for me to put the seat in. I think he was determined to go, don't you? Then I was taking too long buckling it in and he decided to go pee on the street sign across the street (thank GOD we live on such a quiet little street) and I had to go stand in the road and tell him that if he didn’t come back right now he wasn’t going, and he came running to me all excited, he was not going to be left behind.

Dudley is a very nervous car rider and he was unable to relax all the way over there, he rode on his Mommy's lap in the front seat, he would have nothing to do with the back seat. He believes all cars are terrifying death traps and thinks Murphy is insane for loving a car trip. He stood to watch oncoming traffic, turned to look out the window - the dog was on constant vigil, because he doesn't quite trust Grandma's ability to maneuver a rolling death trap through the dangers of West Central Florida. So Girlchild is now bruised with sharp pointy dog feet all over her body, and her lovely new top is coated in dog hair. I reminded her that this was her idea.

I am so glad we brought them, I think it made my mother very happy, she loves animals and fussed over them and was bubbly and fun through the entire visit, and Dudley was a perfect little gentleman – I was a little concerned that because he can be so rowdy at times he might knock into her or jump on her and hurt her, she's very tiny and has osteoporosis and pinched nerves, but he was very gentle and kept his paws to himself and got petted and was just a total angel. We were impressed that he instinctively had perfect little old lady manners. Murphy is always good like that so I didn’t worry about him.

Murphy picked up some sandspurs on his walkie and my 81 year old mother bent from the waist to reach the small dog on the floor to pick the sandspurs off as thoughtlessly and effortlessly as a 30 year old yogini, stayed bent from the waist until the job was done and came back up just as gracefully. Okay, so the floor is not that far away when you're 4'10, but she'll be 82 in March and it was still damn impressive. I didn't say anything, but I will take her moans about aches and pains with a margarita rim of salt henceforth. I know 40 year olds who couldn't hold that downward pose that long and come up out of it without a crane.

I had picked up the pre-cooked meal at Fresh Market, but of course it all had to be heated up so it’s not like NO cooking at all, but it was much easier than from scratch and very, very good and we brought home a ton of leftovers. I have declared myself done with eating for today. Both dogs are now passed out exhausted, it was an exciting day for them. Girlchild is passed out on the couch. It wasn't all that exciting for me but it was 4 hours of driving and a lot of coma-causing food, I'm exhausted too, and tomorrow is Black Friday. I may shop, I may not, depends on my mood. I will be in bed at 9. I'm recording Grey's Anatomy.


dragon knitter said...

my mom can bend over like that as well, and she's going to be 80 in january. she's even tinier, though, lol. she's 4'8 1/2".

glad to hear it was a good day. maybe your mom is finally "getting it?"

Bess said...

Isn't it amazing the power of cute dogs? And 2 cute dogs - wow! Glad you had a good T-day and I hope you get a peaceful restful weekend.