Monday, November 19, 2007

Maine Morning Mitts

Yesterday I dealt with the stress of a very exciting Redskins-Cowboys game by making the Maine Morning Mitts from A Knitter's Book of Yarn, pattern by the Queen Bee herself. One skein of Kureyon, and I used size 6 needles (pattern calls for 7s) because I am a known Loose Woman. What a quick, fun project, all done in one football-watching afternoon, and they fit so nicely!

If you are inclined to Christmas Knitting (and I am not) and still need a quickie project for someone, these would be most excellent. Although it seems funny to make "Maine Morning Mitts" in Florida, they will be very nice on those chilly evening dog walks, and my fingers will be free to fiddle with my iPod or phone. Perfect.


caroline said...

Gorgeous!! love those blues.

Mia said...

I am going to have to get the book. I can wear them under my mittens so I can fiddle with the iPod too. And you will appreciate them if you move to Maryland.

Catherine said...

Those are my blues, Caroline- all my favorite colors. But I love how they totally do not match.

Mia - don't say IF. We are all about positive energy here. WHEN I move.

Janet said...

Those are beauteous. Can I come by and get a thumb tutorial? :-)

That sort of thing would be good here in Bay Area too; cooler than your climate, but never really COLD (esp. not for the hot-blooded among us.)

Catherine said...

The pattern is so no-brainer you don't need a thumb tutorial - you just blindly follow it and a thumb happens. I am so delighted with them I am making a second pair, this time in purple-y Kureyon. I MAY like them better than this pair - time will tell. Although it is not cold for long stretches here we can get days of cold, windy, and usually DRY weather, these would be most welcome on those days.