Sunday, November 4, 2007

So, the day has come...

the one I've been expecting and half dreading. Girlchild just got a raise, yay for her, and her bonus, she really enjoys her job and plans to work there another year at least while taking the microbiology-and-such classes she needs to enter the crash BSN program. So she has filled out an application to rent a townhouse nearby, and she's out right now conferring with her future roommates about the logistics. Which means Dudley is leaving soon. And yes, I will cry. I will try not to, but I will.

I am going to miss him like crazy. He's a pain in the ass at times, he ate my favorite Rockport sandals and a throw rug, he sheds, he farts, but I love him to pieces. I have already volunteered to take him whenever she goes out of town, and she's going to be about five minutes away so she can drop him here whenever she needs a sitter. Even if I have plans he and Murphy will keep each other company. Murphy is going to miss him too, but we suspect that as soon as he figures out that he has his Mommy all to himself and is king of his house again, he won't be too crushed. But I'll still be here to babysit my granddog.

Until I sell the house, of course. And that's the other thing - their departure removes my last excuse to not pick up the pace on getting the house ready to list. I can paint the hall bathroom, clean the carpet, make that end of the house look all clean and tidy, and then just vacuum it periodically. The exterior paint should be done this month. Then it's time for bedroom carpet. Then (gulp) list the place and see what happens.

And that leads to the Big, Big Question - after it sells, then what? I know I want to leave FL, but I really don't have anywhere to go. I can't even start looking for a job until I have a contract on this place, because in this market that could take anywhere from two weeks to six months, with six months far more likely. In reality, I think I'll have to sell this house, move into an apartment nearby and then start the Exit Plan in earnest. Breaking a lease if I have to will be a hell of a lot easier than selling a house. I want to go to Asheville, I SHOULD go to Baltimore, because I haven't won the lottery yet and Baltimore has jobs. I still have to deal with the Mother Issue, and for her B'more would be the better option because there's a lot of nice over 60 housing options in Anne Arundel Co. (I know because Cousin C is checking it out.)

Knitting-wise, Cousin C's scarf is still not done. I pulled out the big purple Barbizon Jacket and was pleasantly surprised to find I was further along on it than I'd thought - my brain remembered getting halfway through the first of the front panels, but I've actually finished both and I'm halfway up the back. It's made in one piece, sort of, so after the back is even with the front you do a three-needle bind-off on the shoulders, pick up stitches for the sleeves and start knitting down, then pick up stitches around the whole damn thing for the front band and collar, and it's done. So I'd say I'm 70% done at this point. It's always nice when my memory gaps result in pleasant surprises.

Meanwhile, I spent money today - I bought one of those fancy-pants mattress toppers, the memory foam kind. It was Girlchild's idea, she wants one but is holding off until she's in her new place (with Dudley...sniff.) Anything that makes me comfortable and may improve my erratic sleep is worth the bucks. Lately I have had a bad thing going on - I fall asleep pretty easily, but it's a light sleep, I don't get into a good, deep, dreamy, restful sleep until about 20 minutes before the alarm goes off. This thing is really, really comfy, you sink into it and don't want to move. Tomorrow will be rough, because the time change is never kind to me. I was up at 4 today, because Murphy's bladder said it was still 5. I'll be in bed at 9, which will really be 10. I'll catch up with the rest of you in a week. Don't wait for me.


ChelleC said...

Ah . . . I'm sure Girl is happy about the move. You must keep telling us Girl and Dudley stories even after the move. I enjoy reading about them both.

And yes, I think there will be a perfect chance for you to put the house up for market soon, even if it means selling it and then living in an apt for a few months. You'll have a clean break that way and no long-distance unsold house to worry about in a worrisome market.

P.S. Don't forget to plant a St. Joseph statue under the "For Sale" sign. I think it really works.

Catherine said...

I can't afford to have a long distance unsold house, that's not even an option! I can't afford to cover this place and rent something too, no freaking way, I can barely afford this place. I have to be out from under this place before I can do anything else with my life. And yes, I have the St. Joseph statue site bookmarked, ready and waiting for the day.

Bliss said...

Sigh...Dudley leaving was inevitable, but that doesn't make it easy. You and Murphy both will miss him. While you are still nearby it will be fine, because I am sure you will have many occasions to see him.

Here's hoping the house sells quickly once you are ready to list.

blissfulknitter AT gmail DOT com