Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Friday, no, Tuesday.

This week is already beyond exhausting, and it's only...Tuesday? Seriously? Tonight I actually left work at 5, because I needed to get home before hard dark to tend to yard things and still didn't get home until after dark, because "police activity" caused a traffic mess the likes of which I have never seen in my part of town. Apparently some asshole with a gun took a couple of shots at a cop, who shot back and nailed him, asshole is safely in custody, nobody else was harmed, and the ensuing investigation caused them to shut down the road and create miles of chaos at rush hour.

It does not make me happy to think that roadblock-requiring "police activity" has entered my little comfort zone where this stuff never happens. I'm thinking more and more that waiting tables in Asheville would be better than this. Oh, and Dudley ate one of my almost new flip-flops because Girl didn't crate him OR turn on lights before she left for work, her first work day since the clocks changed, and I got home after dark, and who knew that one of the casualties of a guy with a gun would be a pair of Target flip-flops? Yeah, I'll still miss him a bunch. But he's so predictable - dark, nobody's home, dog panics, looks for something belonging to a loved one to chew for comfort. She owes me the nice thick Target flip flops, brown, size 7, and she should be grateful he didn't go for one of my brand new Saucony running shoes.

And as long as I'm talking about Target shopping - that mattress pad? I've slept through the night since I bought it. Worth the money to me. My insomnia issues have gone on for a couple of decades by now and my sleeplessness has survived many pillows and a couple of mattresses, and this appears to be helping a lot. A decent night's sleep is priceless.

Another thing that is worth the $ to me: this L'Occitane grape stuff. I can't say that it has a dramatic effect on water retention, or any effect I can notice, but my skin has never felt softer, it's not greasy, and I love the scent. I Love It. It does not smell like a grape popsicle, like Bath and Body Works fruity stuff, it smells light and clean and fresh, not at all perfumey. I love it so much I just bought more, and the shower oil too. I never would buy a product called "shower oil" before, but L'Occitane oil isn't greasy, seal your pores and make the tub hazardously slippery oil, it doesn't behave like oil at all, other than the good, moisturizing behavior.

And I may as well focus on knitting and nice smelling body lotions, because the rest of life is a Stress Fest. My working life is insane, I am constantly called upon to do things I've never done before and figure it out on the fly, and with shitloads of money at stake. And if I were getting paid the kind of money that people who handle things like this usually do it would be worth it, but I'm not. I keep thinking about how my doctors wanted me to reduce stress, and all I can do is laugh semi-hysterically. And I don't know what to do about any of this - the industry in which I toil is seriously hurting, and the ripple effect is rippling. The downturn in the housing industry is even more scary than the news reports. Really Big law firms and Really Big Banks are having layoffs. So I am not sure I can sell my house, and I'm not sure how long I'll have a job, or what the job market will be like when I venture back into it. Other than that, everything is just swell! Life's an adventure!

On the brighter side, the weather has turned absolutely delightful and unnaturally cool, and this makes me irrationally cheerful and energized after 6 plus months of hideously hot, mostly way over 90 degree weather and high humidity. Tomorrow we should only hit a high of 70, which is really cold for us. Yesterday I nearly choked on my morning coffee laughing at one of the weather bunnies - he earnestly told us that on Wednesday it would be so cool "You'll need that jacket all day!" The predicted high was 72. Good thing I'm a knitter! Better go work on that warm, woolly jacket! Though in reality I'm kicking myself because I have not focused on an afghan pattern yet, after talking about it for eternity. I need to browse Ravelry for crocheted square inspiration, because while needing a jacket when it's 72 is a coffee-snorter, the predicted 40s tonight does justify an afghan. Of course, by the time I figure out a pattern it'll probably be 72 at night again. I dream of a chilly winter.


ellen said...

You confirm my hunch that things are 'way worse than the mainstream media lets on. Who do you suppose is benefitting from our ignorance?

Catherine said...

Wait, is Britney flashing her va-jay-jay? I think she just ran over a cop's foot! The mainstream media is doing its best to distract from the economic shitstorm we are entering. Between the price of oil (remember how BushCo said the Iraq war would be self-supporting from the oil income it would generate?) and the housing crash (Oh, let the mortgage companies police themselves, they know best!) and the ripple effect into damn near everything else, I think we are in for Interesting Times.

Enjay said...

The other day I heard someone on campus espousing the idea that we are heading for an apocolypse of sorts. Structural rather than nuclear, but it will be bad all the same.
What I don't understand is that with all these signs of slumps, slowdowns and cutbacks, why are people still blindly following someone who clearly does not operate in the best interests of the nation? Did I miss the passing out of the Kool-Aid?

Elysbeth said...

You will survive it all with class, and knitting.

zippiknits said...

Eventually you will be where you want to be. Meanwhile you live in a nice place and the rent isn't going to go up, I reckon. Keep on knittin, Mama. ;-)

Yes, it is going to get tough.

Catherine said...

The "rent" isn't going to go up, but the cost of operating the house, let alone doing necessary upkeep, has gone up in the past year.