Thursday, December 27, 2007

And the "getting ready to move" continues....

Interrupted by socializing more than I'd expected. Lunch plans today, tomorrow happy hour, then I think Girl wants me to go with her to purchase a new car this weekend. I still have a couple of pieces of furniture and some boxes to deliver to her house. I did make a run to Goodwill yesterday, and also made a dent in the junk in the garage. Boy had helped me clean out the attic last spring, but other than moving crap from place to place and staring at it in bewilderment, I didn't make much progress on the "getting rid of" front after the initial frenzy. I'm terrible about holding on to things because "somebody might want it." That has to stop, NOW - I will not have a garage or an attic, and I'll be damned if I'm renting a storage locker for 10 boxes of Christmas ornaments that haven't been unpacked in 20 years. Now that Boy and Girl are out on their own, if they want this stuff they can have it and figure out where to keep it. I am starting over.

2007 has been a wild, wild year.

And now I must get back to packing boxes and moving stuff around to make room for new carpet in my bedroom, before I shower and get ready for lunch.

Back to work....

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