Monday, December 3, 2007

Interesting Times, Part Deux

Radio silence must continue for now, but perhaps not for long. My, this is an exciting time to work in my industry. Ever been in a bad car wreck? It's that sort of exciting- you see the car run the red light and come right at you, and all you can do is hold on for the impact. Exciting!

Meanwhile, my energy is quite a bit better, today was an interesting (oy!) but not too exhausting work day. I plan to drag out the mat and put in some Pilates time, and then settle down with "The Closer" and my knitting.

I need to finish a sweater, because we are promised a "major cooldown!" It was around 80 today, and the weatherbunnies are all bouncy and squeaking, because we are going to have a Major Cooldown! The weather map illustrates this with an encroaching mass of chilly blue color. The high might be...70! Or possibly even COLDER, like, 65! Those of you digging out of a foot or so of snow would not believe the EXCITEMENT with which a pleasant break from the endless heat is reported - it could get into the 40s at night (at 4 a.m., and it lasts until the sun comes up) We're ALL GONNA DIE!!! AIIEEEEEEE! Please pray for us.


caroline said...

oh, dear. been there. may you land softly, eh? sounds like the weather is spreading the wool around,heh.

k said...

Pretend it's bumper cars. Ramming speed, Mr. Checkov!

geogrrl said...


DH and I were watching "Ice Road Truckers" during the Baton Rouge summer. I never thought I'd say this, but Yellowknife in winter was looking reeeaaaallly good.

zippiknits said...


It's getting down to 55 tonight but then the cloudcover might nix that. *moves little cloud magnets over city hall*

You must have survived the "Major Cooldown!" because you posted 2 days ago. :) Yay!