Thursday, February 15, 2007

Advance Planning

See post below for last night's rant. I don't retract a word of it, but I started thinking about timing, and things I have to do to get ready to put the house on the market. I may let them string me along a few more weeks, just so I can time my planned unemployment for nicer weather up north. I don't know. It'll depend on the answer to a straightforward question: So, when does my raise become effective? If I get hemming and hawwing, or worse, a retraction, I just don't think I can listen to it anymore without screaming and/or walking out. I'll try to be good, because I really want to do this on my terms and not in a snit.

I need to paint the master bedroom and both bathrooms. I was looking around the room while brushing my teeth last night, and finally figured out the appropriate color for my master bedroom - a nice warm taupe would work. Not too dark, it'll look soothing and master-bedroom-ish and also neutral enough to sell. (I am corporate, see me decorate with an eye toward resale.) I think this weekend I'll visit Home Despot and bring home some paint samples. Oooh, Baby's first trip to Home Depot! She needs to get used to it, we'll be there often this spring. I need to spruce up the yard, and that'll need a head start to "take" before it will look like anything. I'm glad DST starts early this year, I can get some yard things done in the evening after work if I'm not coming home in the dark.

So, though I may still end up fed up enough to resign tomorrow, I am going to try to be patient. Timing is everything.


poormary said...

Right! Planning gives you the control. Rock on!!

KnitNana said...

Very smart!
I hope things go the way you want (oh and yes, you should wait just a bit for the warmer weather up's a might bit chilly!)
And I like your warm taupe color for a bathroom (corporate decorating or not!)

Amie said...

It is VERY important to leave on your own terms, even if that means just not being willing to sacrifice dignity anymore.

Enjoy Home Depot, then move up closer to MD!

k said...

That was a darn good rant.
I hope you get enough satisfaction to hold on till you're ready. And then Burn That Bridge!

Elysbeth said...

always look as good leaving as you did coming! Also, get a power roller, that painting is over almost before you began. The only rooms that are not good for a power roller are small rooms (washroom sized) because the roller works faster than a small room can be painted. : )

Catherine said...

Elysbeth - I don't need to look good leaving. In fact, this is one job where I would have the luxury of NUKING the bridges on my way out, because nobody there is worth keeping as a reference except R, and the company can't badmouth me without getting sued. And I have worthy legal references. But I'll be all cool and professional and regretful and not call anyone an asshole.