Sunday, August 19, 2007

How did we do anything before the Internet?

Barbara fixed my nightstand (see comments below). When I first read her comment I thought, "Naaaw, that can't be it, there's a cam and a dowel holding the face on, and the holes are different on the sides of the drawer, I could not have confused the two." But I jumped up and ran in there and yanked the drawer out and started taking it apart. Um, yes I did. The holes on the back of the face of the drawer were virtually identical, and I put the cam screw in the dowel hole, and vice-versa. Thank GOD the glue provided was dried up and I didn't use any, but one of the dowels did break off and I had to break out my nifty little drill (and then re-educate myself on its operations, because running a drill also vanished with the SAH.) And no, inquiring minds, I was not drinking beer while assembling this thing yesterday, but I was NOT wearing my new glasses for vision reasons too tedious to repeat, and I just plain didn't examine the directions closely enough. Boy, is my face red right now.

So thank you, Barbara, wherever you are, you are a godsend. The drawer is currently disassembled on my bed, but it will take me about five minutes to put it back together.


zippiknits said...

Well, glad that drawer problem is solved (yay to Barbara)and the drawer is in place!

BTW, I love the new look of your blog. Four thumbs up,er, oops Jazz doesn't have thumbs.

But he asked me to send some ear scritchies to Dudley and Murphy.

Catherine said...

Thanks, I think I like it, it's easier to read. Blogger has made it much easier to switch templates, it used to be a pain.