Sunday, August 19, 2007

Thank You Barbara!

Here's the problem Barbara correctly diagnosed over the Internet (take that, Bill Frist, you fraud!):

Dowel where the cam screw should be, cam screw in the dowel hole. Duh.

One fully assembled nightstand. Though you should have seen me struggling with the hinges. I couldn't "see" how they should go. This is particularly sad since in the last four or five years I have assembled at least four pieces of furniture with hinged doors. But I guess hinges went to the same place as basic Excel commands and how to work my little drill - fortunately, I have been able to figure it out all over again. It's a bit like the joke about Alzeheimer's, only instead of meeting new people, I'm learning new skills every day.

Murphy joined in the celebration and began madly rolling on his back, grunting like a tiny pig. He does that when he's really happy, and he's really happy that Mommy isn't upset and swearing anymore. But Mommy is not touching that other nightstand until next weekend - and if I run into trouble I will re-read these posts to remember what I did wrong the first time.

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