Saturday, November 10, 2007

Weekend Update

Note to self: Do not put the day of the week in the title of a post, because by today anyone who wandered in here thought, "Tuesday? WTF?"

It was a helluva week. Enough said about that. On the plus side, the weather has been fabulous, low 70s, cloudless skies, and the dogs and I have been walking a lot. Which is good, because I took Murphy to the vet today, and he is in perfect health and adorable and they loved him, but he's even fatter than he was a year ago. Middle-aged weight gain - it's not just for humans anymore. Murphy is 7.5, which means he is, in dog years, just about exactly my age. I feel your pain, my little one. We will fight this battle together.

I am a firm believe in the adage that "If your dog is fat you aren't getting enough exercise," and now that the weather has changed I've been hauling the Porky Yorkie around daily. The vet wasn't concerned about his weight, she is glad we are walking and suggested low fat treats (He's already on low fat food, but Dudley introduced him to treats, and his competitive nature led him to eat them.)


Brenda said...

Will Murphy eat carrots? When my first Yorkie hit middle age, she gained some weight, too. She was a foodie to begin with, and I swear that even though she had been spayed, she went through some kind of menopausal metabolism change. My vet recommended carrots and celery. She hated the celery, and loved the carrots. The Yorkie I have now is 6 1/2 years old, and thin as a rail. She doesn't care about food and just seems to have a different metabolism. When she was a puppy, she was downright boney.

Bess said...

Yea Murphy. We can do this together.

Catherine said...

Murphy's problem is competition with Dudley - Dudley likes dog treats so Murphy eats them just because the other guy is having them. The vet suggested low fat dog treats, I'm going to see what I can find. Dudley has filled out to his full adult weight and I don't want him to get fat too. Dudley will eat veggies, Murphy will look at you like you're insane. :-)

zippiknits said...

Murphy, you can do that weight loss thing. Our skinny Eleven year old little man gained 2.5 pounds on the medicine he had to take, but we trimmed it back down to a healthy weight, right at 5 pounds again.