Friday, November 30, 2007

See, I told you so!

You're Very Fit

Congratulations, you're totally fit and doing everything right.
Keep it up. You're doing great things for your health and probably inspiring others.
Be sure to keep challenging yourself so you don't get in a fitness rut!

See, the reason I hadn't been losing weight is just that I've been eating too damn much healthy food! And yeahhh, I do care about that part, and I'm totally sick of this "Oh, it's so INDECENT to admit that you care about how your ass looks, it has to be entirely about HEALTH!" business. I don't want to have to go around saying, "Okay, so my butt looks wide, let me tell you about my blood pressure!" Because blood pressure is not cocktail party chit-chat outside the retirement home.

I'd say I'm pretty healthy, all things considering. I'm not on any medications, I am not being monitored by any doctors other than the casual "come back next year" from Dr. SL and the eye guys addressing my vision damage, but I'm not "totally fit" (maybe possibly for my age) and I know there is room for improvement, because when I climb those flights of stairs I get only mildly out of breath but my knees scream about the extra pounds they are still toting. My knees expected to be totin' a Sally Field sized person and want to know when I plan to put down the sacks of potatoes I must be carrying with me. Otherwise, yeah, I'm fit. See, it's not that I'm vain and shallow and meeting cute men who are skinny fit runner types and don't want to look like a couch potato by comparison, heaven forbid. It's that my knees have sent me a petition asking me to evict my extra ass pounds. It's not vanity at all, because my knees can totally take me out if I don't listen.

(Do you think that will get me past the middle-aged fat patrol? Those women were Angry and Scary.)

Thanks to Cursing Mama.


Anonymous said...

Well, even if you scored low on physical fitness, you're mentally fit and that's *way* more important. (As evidenced by the Angry and Scary Middle-Aged "I Wanna Be Fat" Patrol.)

Are you lifting weights? It doesn't have to be anything heavy duty, but that's what works for me. I joined a gym with Kaiser (hydraulic) equipment and I put myself through the circuit 2-3x/week. I keep track of my progress and I'm now lifting anywhere from 20-40 lbs. more on the machines than when I started. Building up the muscle really ramps up the fat loss. Plus, it feels great.

I also recommend yoga. It helps me with my posture (I have a slight curve to my spine) and I swear it gives me a leaner look. It also reduces stress and increases feelings of well-being and calmness. And I've read it's great for women who carry their weight in their belly. As I understand it, belly fat is partly a result of increased production of cortisol, a byproduct of stress. (Not saying you have belly fat, but I do!)

At the very least, I'm going for a brisk 3 mile walk every single day. I find it decreases my appetite substantially.

Don't let the hags get you down, lady. And, sheesh, it's a good thing I never revealed my jean size!

Catherine said...

I do all of those things - though I haven't lifted weights in over a month because I have a slight shoulder injury I've been babying a bit - it's getting better. Walking the dogs, now that the weather is cooler, has helped my stress and energy level more than anything else I've done.

I carry my weight all over - or as the saying goes, I "carry it well." I am proportionate, but proportionately about two sizes larger than I should be, and knowing how small I really am inside this flab I can't settle for staying this size - it's just not ME.

k said...

You know, you're going to convince me that I need to lose this extra middle-school child I carry around with me.
I've noticed I still try to squeeze into spaces that are way too small for me that I could have sailed through back in the days.

Catherine said...

I do have this mental picture of myself as the small person I used to be, and my current size has never become "me."

vi said...

you at any size or shape is still a formidable package
brains, beauty and personality...
and you are a strong tough ass broad too what makes you happy....
but just remember
you being YOU is what will drive the men nuts


( who is rather short......rather dumpy.......and rather bland....but i am strong.....hahahahahahaha)

Catherine said...

Oh, Vi, if only you could fix me up with men, your sales pitch is so flattering - want to be my matchmaker? I'll pay - if I don't lose my job.