Friday, December 7, 2007

So, really...?

This is great. I found it on KR, and it led me to a rare (these days) political post.

I love Barack Obama. He's smart as hell, articulate to die for, and just a smart, capable guy we could all get behind as a leader. We will be digging out of the mess we are in for many years, and the next president will have a totally thankless task. Of all of the candidates, I think this guy (and probably Bill Richardson) are used to just rolling up their sleeves and not expecting to be loved for it. And I adore his wife, damn, did you read this article about Michelle Obama? God I love the two of them.

The quotes in the article made my day - the audience identified, the quotes are so encouraging - the Iowa audience sees the Obamas as their kind of people.

But really, are we there yet? Are voters color blind enough yet? Is a country that elected Dubya TWICE, may our grandchildren's kids forgive us, really going to vote for Obama? I hope they will. I want to think they will. But I just don't know. I really don't see or hear racism, overt or subtle, in the world in which I live, when I am among white people and people of other races are the topic. In my own small orbit I really do think that people think of other things and race is, if not a total non-issue, just a descriptive detail. It's not like those creepy mommies who scold their kids for describing a classmate as "the black kid," because They Don't SEE COLOR AT ALL! Not at ALL! REALLY! In the world in which I live, race or ethnicity is a thing that just is. It is not a focus that carries a lot of weight anymore in my world. But I don't have any confidence that this translates nationally. I really, really hope it does, but I don't know.


ChelleC said...

Obama is by far my favorite too! He's the most capable, natural leader. My husband also likes Richardson. Personally, I'd like Obama for President and John Edwards for Vice. But at any rate, how we elected Dubya for not one but TWO terms is beyond any rationale I can imagine. His incompetency is just stunning . . . and it continues. Arggh!!

Catherine said...

I also like Richardson, but the media doesn't so he's being ignored.

zippiknits said...

With the power shift away from elected officials, we have been getting more vulnerable candidates right and left.

I'm hoping that when people vote they will vote for the strongest most ethical candidate, and one who can face up to powermongering corporations and government departments. It's a tough, tough job.