Saturday, December 8, 2007

So very, very tired.

Some people eat when they're stressed, some people drink, some people shop. I clean. I went on a bender today. It started innocently enough - I needed to move some living room furniture so Girl's moving team could get her stuff out of her room. Boy, there was a lot of cat hair under the chair - so of course I started vacuuming furiously. Then I started thinking about how much cat hair is under the rest of the furniture. So I moved all of the furniture and cleaned under everything. Then the little vacuum wasn't up to the job, so I brought in Big Momma Shop Vac, and I took all the cushions off and cleaned under them, and flipped the battered sofa cushions around so it doesn't look quite so battered.

Then I cleaned the pond filter, changed sheets, did laundry. I'm tired. I'll sleep well tonight.

The move was accomplished with two pickup trucks and three cars - my Baby was pressed into service in a complicated vehicular relay. And one appliance dolly - we are an experienced bunch of movers and always rent a big dolly to move large pieces of furniture, like Girl's enormous chest of drawers. M's boyfriend helped move the heavy stuff and the chest was a challenge for him. I marveled again that Boy moved it single-handedly 2.5 years ago when Girl came back from Tallahassee. Boy is on the short and skinny side, but as his sister says, "Freakishly strong."

So Girlchild is enjoying her first night in her new home, and she and her roommate M were so excited they were giddy. They have a new sofa and are painting the entire place - Girl gets more and more like her mother all the time, first she started carrying a big purse, now she enjoys Home Depot.

Dudley is still here with me, he'd have to be in his crate while they are painting and that makes no sense. After it's all done and the place is really unpacked and settled she'll collect him, or I'll deliver him next weekend.

Girlchild took all of her beauty products with her, so tomorrow I will have to replace a couple of hair care things that I now can't live without, and the big vanity in my bathroom looks so weirdly empty. Both the back bedrooms still have residue of Girlchild in them, she'll be back tomorrow or Monday to gather up odds and ends. Then it will be bathroom painting time again, and replacing of the medicine cabinet time, and painting of my bathroom and the trim and bedroom carpet, and then we will be ready to put this place on the market and see what happens. I'm ordering St. Joseph. I'm gonna need him.

The dogs are so exhausted. They had to supervise all of the work that went on here today, you know. Since I took this picture Dudley has melted even further, he is now snoring with his head hanging at a 90 degree angle and his nose on the seat. Murphy prefers to sleep on the hearth, even though it was in the 80s today I think he's dreaming of a fire.

And though I said I wasn't going to do a tree, Target had a teeny Charlie Brownish tree for ten bucks, and I already had lights and garland. No ornaments - there really isn't room, and this is a Boris-proof tree. If his fat ass knocks it off the table while I'm at work no harm done, I can put it back and fluff the garland into place. That wittle twee and candles - that's my decor this year. (The "tree skirt" is one of Girl's old pillowcases hiding the insanely cheap plastic stand. I may upgrade that if I can scavenge something else.)


ChelleC said...

Your tree is nice. I like it - simple but festive.

The dogs are just so cute. Poor Dudly sleeping with his head at a 90 degree angle. He must have been wiped out.

vi said...

if you are still upset....
could you please please come visit me

i got ACRES of cat fur
and oceans of feathers

not to mention jackass neighbor.....

and now with the doggie pictures
you got me wanting a pup


take it easy hon.....
but you're like me
i do hard labor when i'm upset.....
only in my case i lift full 23 quart canners up and move them around
can we TALK about my bad shoulders?

zippiknits said...

What a lovely little tree, looks all snowy and Perfect! And the pictures of the zonked out little "work supervisors" were very darling. I love how Murphy's fur shines and shines.

Sue Woo said...

Please come to SC and go on a bender at my house.